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Helen Tryxie

Test Drive Unlimited – old, but good game to play


Test Drive Unlimited is by far one of the best games of the series, a game that will take you from the beginning on an island in Hawaii. What impressed me the most about this game is that the roads are modeled after satellite images and you have the whole island to explore on road and off road. With the whole island at your , you will get to drive the roads that take you through forests, mountains, beaches full of sand the capital of Honolulu.

Although it was said that the game will have a faithful reproduction of reality, many federal buildings are not represented, and also various statues and monuments. There are also a few roads or highways that do not appear in the game. But since it is a simple game I think this is more than enough.

From the beginning you realize that the game is made for multiplayer, meaning that you get an internet connection and you drive through town coming across other gamers that play at the same time. This game is called M.O.O.R. or Massively Open Online Racing. It is a game of MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing like World of Warcraft, but this one is all about cars.

As Test Drive Unlimited is the MOOR type of game, this aspect was that emphasize it, namely the pleasure of the missions that the player receives, plus the fact that if you get bored you can race other players that play at the same time, play just for fun.

When it comes to cars here you have an amazing selection, starting from VW to Ferrari and you also have motorcycles, all come in a number of 90, just waiting for you to ride them through Honolulu.

During the game you should make a bigger garage, as many cars as you can since they are so different and so amazing.

You can modify your car as you want, you have many options available. One thing I did not like about this game and this was the lack of interaction of the police, in fact none of the other drivers have an AI too high. The control of the car is somewhere for simulation, but I honestly do not really liked it, it could have been better considering the fact that it is the only negative aspect of the game.

I am more than sure that most of you have already played this game, but let’s face it from time to time it is nice to play an old game to have some old-school fun.